Upcoming Events

  1. Monday15 Sep 2014

    - Classes( III-XII) I semester exam commence.

    - SGFI State Basketball Championship U-19,17,14(Boys/Girls) at Gwalior.

    - Class III, VIII, IX Maths 1st Sem. exam.

    - Class IV,VI English 1st Sem. exam.

    - Class V Gen. Science 1st Sem. exam.

    - Class X So.Science 1st Sem. exam.

    - Class XI Bio/Eco/CS/Painting 1st Sem. exam.

    - Class XII Maths/Info. Practices/Psychology/Painting/Legal Studies.
  2. Sunday14 Sep 2014

    - SGFI State Basketball Championship
    U-19,17,14(Boys/Girls) at Gwalior

Proud to be a dipsite

CBSE Class XII State Topper (Humanities) session 2011-2012
“A place where I got to know “who I am”. The tutelage of experienced and charismatic mentors made learning not only interesting but enjoyable and fulfilling too. From Academics to instilling self confidence, vision to lead and an empowering peer group featured my spell at the school. Incessant support of teachers and their indefinite belief in my strengths made me the School and State Topper. A simple and genuine Principal, an inspiring Vice Principal and teachers with unlimited creation…………

Puloma Singh Raghav
Head Girl 2011-12

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